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I believe that the inspiration to great amazing art is all around us. All we have to do it look for it. I find inspiration from:

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Books
  • Blog Posts from Other Creative People
  • Podcasts Interviewing Artists and Writers
  • Keynote Speaches on YouTube
  • All Types of Music

I find so much inspiration in my day-to-day life that I have started sharing those things in a weekly email newsletter!

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These inspirations comes from all different types of media including books, podcasts, videos, and music. They are different each week, but all serve the same purpose: inspiring to create art.

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Elements of Great Content

Casual Style

Using $100 words when $1 words work just fine isn't going to impress anyone.

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Unique Storytelling

Your content needs to tell your story in a way that keeps the audience interested.

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Converts to Sales

One way or another, content needs to deliver results that show up on your bottom line.

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